Front End Developer

Non-Fungible Labs is looking for experienced and highly skilled Front End developers to join our core development team in the production and maintenance of a wide range of solutions for one of the fastest moving industries in the world. 

You must have proven experience in:

  1. CSS to a very high standard.
  2. WebGL.
  3. React: A full understanding of how the React DOM works and how to consistently maintain the highest performance that an end user expects.
  4. NodeJS: Up to date with the latest ECMA standards, ES7 as a minimum. And a full understanding of how the eventloop works as well as maintaining the best error handling.
  5. Github: Understand the versioning procedure in a company, as well as maintaining clean and understandable code commits.
  6. Working and communicating effectively in teams.

Ideally you'll also have:

  1. Ethereum: An understanding of how gas works, a strong understanding of Solidity, ECDSA and all token protocols (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155).
  2. Ethers/Web3: Be able to build up transaction objects from scratch that can be signed, as well as initialising providers, signers and contracts to interact with.
  3. MongoDB with Mongoose: Understanding on how to create own database models, query data and optimising queries to be as efficient as possible.
  4. ExpressJS: An understanding of how to create a reliable API service and maintain best security practises and performance.
  5. DiscordJS: Ability to write out bots that communicate with our varios API services.

Remote work is welcomed and this opportunity is open to candidates located anywhere in the world. Non-Fungible Labs is a progressive organisation which embraces ethnic and gender diversity.

We offer a competitive salary plus bonuses, benefits and token allocations.