Non-Fungible Labs donates $100k to Sustainable Coastlines

Non-Fungible Labs donates $100k to Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainability means the world to us at FLUF World.

As one of our core values, and with an acknowledgement of the work our company, and industry needs to do to drive meaningful, lasting change, we’re committed to taking efforts to not just reduce our impact, but leave a positive one. 

For us, this means acknowledging the impact we have on the environment, involving our community in efforts to offset and eliminate it, collaborating with causes we believe in and celebrating the individuals at the heart of them; passionate people, doing the hard mahi (work) needed to leave our world in a better place for generations to come. 

Today, it was a privilege to be able to donate the first of many charitable contributions towards a candidate we believe is thoroughly deserving; Sustainable Coastlines.

As proud kiwis, beaches are near and dear to our hearts. These coastlines, and the vital, estuaries, rivers and waterways that are the lifeblood of our ecosystems and biodiversity, are under continual threat. On a mission to restore mauri (life force) for our moana (oceans), Sustainable Coastlines have been connecting people with nature and inspiring change since 2009.

Through this $100k donation, we hope to be able to celebrate, enable and empower their hard working staff and volunteers to continue what we see as a vital contribution to improving our world.

“While we’re focused on building beautiful and immersive digital environments, it’s important we don’t neglect the physical world around us in the process. Globally, we are at a critical point in climate impact and awareness, so while we at Non-Fungible Labs are already offsetting our carbon footprint by more than double through our partnership with Carbon Click, we’re also determined to support charitable partners like the team at Sustainable Coastlines who are working hard every day to make the world a better place for everyone." said Non-Fungible Labs CEO & Co-Founder, Alex Smeele. "None of this would be possible however without our incredible FLUF World community. It’s thanks to their support that we are able to give back to important causes like this, and will continue doing so long into the future.”

“There’s no better moment than surprising a hardworking charity with some good news. 2020 and ‘21 have been hard for Sustainable Coastlines so today was an incredible day; the first of many opportunities for us to bring together our community, means, values and give back where it counts.” - Non-Fungible Labs Co-Founder, Brooke Howard-Smith.